Radicepura Garden Festival is the first international event dedicated to Mediterranean garden design and landscape architecture, and it will involve young designers, institutions, firms, and great protagonists of landscape art and architecture.

The Festival is conceived to recognize the importance of nature as a development engine for the planet, through initiatives, events and cultural languages: from music to artistic installation, from horticulture to food and wine events.

Until October 21st, in Radicepura botanical gardens, fourteen gardens will be open to the public, specially created with original plants cultivated by Piante Faro: a nursery with 800 species and over 5000 varieties set up more than fifty years ago by Venerando Faro, today head of the company with his sons Mario and Michele.

Sicily is the ideal home for this first biennial event concerning Mediterranean gardens: at the foot of Etna, Radicepura aims to enhance the outstanding local botanical features, the climate, the soil and the water, ideal conditions that allow the vegetation to grow more vigorously than elsewhere. At the heart of the festival is a celebration of the garden, not only for its aesthetic and cultural value, but also for its role as the ideal place to stand still and really look at the beauty – in this case – of the Region of Sicily. Through a personal interpretation of the Mediterranean Experience – the theme of the first festival –an event will be created that brings together art, food and wine connoisseurship, and the protection of the environment, as constituent parts of an extraordinary territory.

the organizers

Piante Faro

Piante Faro started producing ornamental plants 50 years ago on the slopes of Mount
Etna, from a seed of passion and love for plants and nature.
Today it covers 600 hectares (1,500 acres) and stands out as a leader in production and exportation of Mediterranean, subtropical and for arid climates plants. Its headquarters are located in Giarre, Sicily, and here is where the company have their roots. Their branches, instead, have expanded globally and have made them the leaders in the garden industry in the entire Mediterranean region and the perfect partner for the most demanding garden designers.

Fondazione Radicepura

Fondazione Radicepura pursues social inclusion by protecting and enhancing nature and the environment. Through a widespread education and scientific research, the main purpose of the foundation is to save biodiversity and enrich itself with different botanical varieties, which represent a collective good for many reasons: culture, tourism, environment, science and education).
The study of environmental adaptability of the species is another paramount point. According to such study, it is possible to identify the most appropriate and innovative farming methods for native species, in line with the principles of natural agriculture.
Moreover, Fondazione Radicepura aims at spreading the culture of gardens and the respect for biodiversity.