Alejandro O’Neill


Freelance landscape designer with a strong focus on promoting sustainability and ecology. His passion for plants developed when he started working at his families’ nursery in Uruguay. This inspired him to study Horticultural and Landscape Design at the Botanical Garden in Montevideo, where he focused strongly on the use of native plants in gardens. Since then, he has worked in Uruguay, England, Scotland, Japan and France.


Hortus Salis

Millions of years ago the Mediterranean Sea was transformed into a desert, the water evaporated leaving tons of salt behind it. The salt had a deep impact on human life, and for millennia it was an integral part of the Mediterranean culture through the so-called Salt Routes, examples of which may still be found in Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala.
This installation explores the concept of salt in the garden, celebrating the connection with man in the Mediterranean, and in particular in the Island of Sicily.