Alfio Bonanno


Exponent of a Land Art, Alfio Bonanno is known worldwide for his works that combine art and the environment. Native of Milo, a little town on the slopes of the Etna, he emigrated to Australia as a child. He is now living in Denmark.


Refuge for lizards

Alfio Bonanno’s artistic site is a private journey through memory, the place where political commitment expressed through art and nature, intertwines with the recollection of his childhood in Sicily. Such a breakdown generates monumental works which are able to catch what is usually lost in nature. His site divides into two moments. The first one opens up with the opening of the festival and is made of two installations realized with olive trees and vines. The second one, instead, will open by the end of May and include Herbarium, an exhibition of the best works of Alfio Bonanno made for Pianto Faro and Radicepura. The exhibition will take place inside Radicepura’s baronial palace.