Coloco Studio


It is a multi-disciplinary planning studio based in Paris and Montpellier. Founded by the famous landscaper Miguel Georgieff with the architects Pablo Georgieff and Nicolas Bonnenfant, the studio has been developing projects on urban and landscape planning since 1999. It is made up of ten people and a huge network of experts (associations, professionals, local authorities) which keeps growing more and more as the projects develop like roots take different directions. Some of the latest international projects we have been involved in are: Mission EROS (Domaine de Chamarande 2015); Asfalto mon amour (Manifattura KNOS, Lecce 2013-15); La Carte du Bien Commun (Bordeaux 2013); Le jardin des nuages (La Defense, Parigi 2009-2014); Jardins du Tiers-Paysage con Gilles Clément (base sottomarina di St Nazaire 2009).


Giardino della Dieta Mediterranea

The vegetable garden of the Mediterranean diet is a space of collections of plants. It brings together varieties of produce of the land that characterise the heritage of the Mediterranean diet. It represents the interweave of kitchen gardens, showing the construction work that, over the centuries, has lain behind the Mediterranean landscape. It brings together the myths of the origins of civilisation and the rites marked out by the rhythm of the seasons and the cyclic nature of agricultural work and of the natural life.
It narrates voyages and technological and cultural innovations, and through gastronomic literature evokes the excellence and variety of the cuisines of the Mediterranean lands.
It recognises the Mediterranean diet, in a contemporary dimension, as the art of living, the expression of a dream of paradisiacal creation, the result of the weave of living on the land over time.