Donatello Chirico


Gardener and garden designer born and grow up with the hands in the earth, among centuries olives trees, in the middle of the Mediterraneo. Since ever in close contact with the nature due to the family farm. After the high school graduation in agricolture, has studied planning of green spaces at the Agricoltural School of Monza; after that he has worked as a builder in natural swimming pools in Austria and Trentino Alto Adige.

He takes inspiration directly from the nature, fascinated from her, her natural process in all her shapes : biological and botanical. Currently he realize green spaces and natural swimming pools, using different concepts arts. Plants and water, green and blue, are constant and fundamental elements in his work: Green&Blue Nature Design. He likes to call himself: “The Roving Gardener”.


La Macchia

La Macchia arises from our wish to distinguish ourselves and to spread across the Mediterranean, bringing Etna into relation with the Sea. Expanding like wildfire and exhibiting ourselves as Mediterranean scrub. More than a garden, what is proposed is an attractive-creative space, a different space. A personal corner where you can distinguish yourself, leaving a mark providing continuity, involving spectators with a number of different initiatives, and bringing the beauty and importance of the Mediterranean scrub back into our hearts. Thanks to an Action Painting installation, each visitor will be able to paint his or her own indelible mark on a canvas, giving emphasis to the act of painting, and making each spectator feel part of the art work. La Macchia presents as very abstract with a very artistic identity, creating fellow-feeling with the Mediterranean scrub as though it were Nature’s work of art.

Translator’s note: the installation exploits a play on words which has been lost in translation: ‘la macchia Mediterraneana’ is the maquis or scrub vegetation typical of the Mediterranean area, ‘macchia’ means mark, spot, stain…, here as in to make a mark on canvas, and to spread ‘a macchia d’olio’ is to spread like wildfire, an unfortunate juxtaposition when talking of scrubland!