François Abélanet


He is an architect, poet, designer and a land art lover.  He expresses his passion for creativity, gardens and anamorphose through his natural installation. François Abelanet -” the anamorphiste”- is became famous for his giant installations and he had gained the Guiness World Record in 2013 for the Truck de Ouf in Lyon.



Anamorphosis is the distorted use of the rules of perspective. This system was used from the Renaissance onwards in the art of painting gardens, to accentuate the optical effects linked to deformation, to modify the perception of space, and thus to capture the viewer’s attention. Images deformed intentionally by anamorphosis only regain their original proportions if viewed from a specific angle. Thanks to collaboration with the Institut du monde arabe in Paris, a surprising plant anamorphosis by François Abélanet has come to Giarre: it takes the form of a sculpture made up of different-sized plant segments.