Michel Péna


French landscaper, he creates in 1984, with his wife Christine, his own agency “Péna Paysages” in Paris. His first major project was the Jardin Atlantique (Paris, Montparnasse) realized in 1994. Today he manages public and private operations in France and abroad.


Le Jardin Parfumé

Sicily is not an island but a continent, as Sicilians say! I say it’s an entire world, even better, it’s many worlds that touch one another. Thus we want to create a garden in which you can immerse yourself in the seductive world of plants: so many plants, so many perfumes, such fragrance. From the outside you only see a column of veils, on which some characters have been painted, taken from an Arabic poem telling of the pleasure of being in a garden. A carved wooded door marks the entrance. From outside, nothing else shows. Once a visitor has crossed the threshold, though, he or she is overcome with the pulsating force of the plant world. Still in the half-shade, but surrounded by plants. A stairway rises among this living matter, it passes through it, encountering huge leaves, bamboo canes, the trunks of palm trees, the thin branches of a jacaranda. It rises gently towards the light, and emerges into the daylight. The sea appears on the horizon. Another stairway leads down through a plant ‘immersion’ to the way out.