Re-live Team


Their team is made up of Carmen Guerrero Mostazo, architect by the E.T.S.A.M (Malaga), and Andrea Graña Sánchez, agro-environmental and landscape engineer by the UPC (Barcelona). Currently, they are studying the master in landscaping in the Barcelona School of Architecture and they consider themselves as two enterprising girls eager to learn and to demonstrate their designs and ideas. They are two creative and innovative engineer a architect with a special artistic sensibility, which is able to create human landscapes that improves people’s living conditions.



The Mediterranean climate of Sicily is characterised by mild winters and arid summers, with landscapes that change colour, from green in spring to yellow in summer. Another distinctive feature of Sicily is the presence of traces of the telluric movements that, for centuries, have involved the Mediterranean area. This garden aims to make visitors aware of the seismic reality, transforming it into a positive message: after disaster, life and hope always emerge.