Stefano Passerotti


He was born in Florence and was trained in the best tradition of tuscan horticulture. gifted with a free spirit, Stefano Passerotti is driven by a desire to continue experimenting nature as an element of balance His work represents a challenge to the limit the possibility of nature, and at the same time, express a profound sense of communion and harmony with life.


Evaporazione mediterranea

The green installation by Stefano Passerotti at Radicepura Garden Festival is entitled Evaporazione mediterranea. It is a reflection on the current state of Mare Nostrum and on the waste of water, leading into an intimate dialogue between nature and human beings, and stressing the importance of plants in the ecosystem. The “courageous gardener”, known for his anti-conventional approach to the world of botany, aims to quicken the visitor’s senses (hearing, small, touch, sight) and bring their attention back to the risks of a hyper-technological society, and to the importance of saving water in the Mediterranean area with its semi-arid climate. “This work – explains Stefano Passerotti, landscape designer – aims to be the vehicle for a new union between Man and Nature. The principal subject of Evaporazione mediterranea is the metaphor of a ‘tree-trunk’ floating in the water, which will give spectators the chance to stop and rest within it, to refresh themselves in the shade and in the coolness of moving water, reminiscent of the waves of the sea, so as to regain the lost communion with Nature and the intimate dialogue with the other”. The installation, made in collaboration with the artist from the Valle d’Aosta Chicco Margaroli, will be a thinking place for the third millennium, where lost links can be restored and where visitors can enjoy a moment of reflection on man’s role as custodian of the equilibrium of creation. Evaporazione mediterranea also pays homage to Heraclitus’ panta rei and to the theme of becoming that presupposes a logos underlying this continual change, a deep harmony that governs it obscurely.