Learn from nature with the Radicepura Garden Festival Workshops.

31 March 2017

Radicepura Garden Festival is about to start and its protagonists are pleased to welcome you and offer you a special occasion to share their knowledge with you all.

Hands down, the Festival is not only something to live as a visitor but also something to experience actively: you are given the chance to be part of the event yourself, learn from the expertise of the most clever garden designers and get to know new people to share interests and emotions with.

Thanks to the great experience of two great professional figures like Marianne Majerus and Sarah Eberle, “going back to school” will be an exciting experience especially because, instead of heavy books and manuals, you’ll be taught by nature and inspired by the artworks of the two landscape aficionados.

The first appointment is with Marianne Majerus, a talented gardens photographer, whose shots have mesmerized the whole world of gardening and made her win the title of “International Garden Photographer of the Year”.

On April the 24th, a few days next the official opening of the Festival, Majerus will guide you on a journey around flowers and plants viewed through camera lens.

Right on, it is going to be an entire day devoted to inspiration and skills improvement.The next appointment is with the genius of the Lady of the Gardens, Sarah Eberle, the 13- medals winner.

From the 16th to the 18th of June you will explore the different approaches to and the issues about  Restyling of the Mediterranean garden, which is currently a very popular subject matter.

Analysing, designing and redeveloping an area require passion, strength but also a huge knowledge. No panic, then, the Radicepura Garden Festival is coming to help you out suggesting the most effective solutions for a successful nursery restyling.

For any further details regarding costs, time and registration, please visit the Festival page. 

The Radicepura Garden Festival is a neverending surprise. Don’t miss out!

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