Garden in Movies - ShortFilmFest

International Short Film Competition

2° edition 2018 / 3 - 5 august


The Film Festival Garden-in-Movies was born in 2017 as part of the International Festival of Landscape Radicepura Garden Festival (Giarre, Catania) in order to narrate, through the language of cinema, all the fundamental themes that inspire it. The Garden-in-Movies leitmotiv is the interpretation of the Mediterranean Experience and explores it immersing the audience in the special atmospheres that Cinema can create. The Festival takes place in summer, at the evocative Radicepura Park, transformed for three days in an open-air botanical sitting room and a movie theater under the stars at the foot of Etna, embellished by the smells and scents of the plants in the park.

The Garden-in-Movies aims at enhancing, through Cinema, nature and environment as a driving force of development and contamination, in an all-round vision that goes beyond the narrow concept of “garden” and evolves it into a wide metaphor of landscape and life, from any cultural, political and social angle. All this in the name of beauty.
Three days of screenings, meetings and conversations are the heart of Garden-in-Movies, starting with the programming of three feature films exploring the culture and the Mediterranean essence through the power of the roots, but also very topical themes already explored by classic films which come back to life on the silver screen


The Garden-in-Movies is determined to grow, by proposing movie novelties, identifying new talents and promoting unreleased and experimental works. So, starting from the second edition, the Festival launches the Garden-in-Movies/ShortFilmFest, international short film competition, in agreement with the founding spirit of the main Film Festival.

The international short film competition Garden-in-Movies/ShortFilmFest is targeted at all those works that, through the language of cinema, enhance nature, environment, landscape, ecology and environmental sustainability as engines of development and contamination. From this point of view, the “garden” becomes a metaphor for every place, context, dynamic, relationship able to cultivate and develop ​​cultural, political, social and artistic values.

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