Let’s get the Festival started: many events, plenty of experiences, neverending surprises

14 April 2017

Exhibitions, artistic installations, workshops and much more: the Radicepura Garden Festival has a lot of trump cards for everyone, from adults to the youngest.

Here are the events for the whole family that you can’t miss out!

From April 21st, the day of the ribbon cutting ceremony, until Sunday 30th 03 there will be a show for the children, by Oranfrize, the Orange Kids Show.

Children will also learn and have fun with the Orange Lab, running from the 02-04 May. The activities are, once again, by Oranfrize. Playing in nature is what every child needs and just as the contact with the earth seems to fade away, the festival offers kids an opportunity to enjoy fresh air.

Meanwhile, in other Festival’s Areas, you can visit and admire the artworks of the landscapers, enjoy a tasty break with the genuine flavors of our island and have a little talk with the international artists of the event. Just sign up for our workshops, we already talked about in the previous blog post Learn from nature with the Radicepura Garden Festival Workshops.

Indeed, there’s another big piece of news for art lovers: on April 24th, along with Marianne Majerus and Sarah Eberle, Lucia Scuderi, a big Sicilian expert who will share her art with all the attendees in her Watercolor, the painting course which will let participants be carried away by the inspiration nature gives.

There will be many opportunities to deal with sensitive issues that touch everyone’s heart and the soul of nature. Good news for wine lovers too. During the festival there will be plenty of wine tastings, especially for Sicilia En Primeur, the event dedicated to Sicilian best wines showing their excellence at Radicepura on 29th and 30th April.

Chatting with artistic director Pablo Georgieff, walking through the gardens, talking to Stefano Passerotti and Marella Ferrera about art, garden and fashion design, reflecting on the special theme “Eros in the garden” with dr. Valeria Randone and more will no longer be only an idea, but a reality to be lived day by day.

Time’s come: let’s get the Radicepura Garden Festival started.

Check out the full schedule on our site.

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