Genova Flower Market Exhibition: plants, flowers and the Radicepura Garden Festival, of course

19 May 2017

The Radicepura Garden Festival goes on trip!


Once again, we start to promote and share the charm of Sicilian nature: this time we visited Marina di Genova for the 10th edition of the Flower Market Exhibition of the Mediterranean garden.

Mario Faro was hosted by the Yacht&Garden last weekend. There, along with other experienced nurseries specialists, several meetings and activities for both adults and children took place. Obviously the focus was on crafts, organic products and art in collaboration with cultural institutions in the area.

Radicepura has been very pleased and excited to participate in this important event that is one of the most representative in Italy’s green culture. Walking among the piers and admiring the crystalline waters reflecting on the flower quays, you can feel the scent of Spring spreading all around at its best and giving performances of colors and natural poetry.

Indeed, Yacht&Garden offers the opportunity to combine two extraordinary natural elements: earth and water, flowers and sea.

Many activities have been channelled these themes: the stunning walk to admire the floral exhibitions, the nursery specialists’ advice to decorate and transform plants and flowers into art: antiques, vases and decorations, handbags and hats, jewelry, paintings and prints, books and magazines, perfumes and natural beauty products.

In such a lively context, the Radicepura Garden Festival arrives and invites everyone, experts and not, to take part in it, because green education and the preservation of the environment are being carried out day by day just as it happened by Faro family.

Its unity and determination has made them pioneers of the eco-friendly innovation, a feature that rewards them with the acknowledgment of Sicilian institutions.

Mario Faro has just come back  to his beloved garden design festival with something to remember: the experience in Marina di Genova and the pride of telling about the magic of The Radicepura Garden Festival beyond the boundaries of his island.

So, now let’s take a quick peek to the upcoming events at Radicepura!

On May 20th:  the International Association of Italian Landscape Architecture conference and guided tours of the Mediterranean gardens.

On May 21st: it is time for street food to taste original foods surrounded by the beauty of the garden design of the international artists of the festival.

From 22 May to 22 July: Alfio Bonanno’s solo exhibition “Un uomo d’alto fusto. Arte-Natura Autoritratti. Sicilia 2017”.

On May 23: an event within the event: at the Fascination of Plants Day, Professor Daniela Romano tells “The Solanacee’s Trip: the history of plants that have changed our nutrition”.

The Radicepura Garden Festival awaits you every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (last entrance at 18:00) with artists, garden design and exhibitions within our location.


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