Interview: the Festival seen through Mario Faro’s eyes.

18 July 2017

Behind the organization of a great festival like this, there must be a great mind.

Mario Faro, founder and CEO of Radicepura and patron of the Radicepura Garden Festival, speaks of dreams, achievements and hopes behind the most important international garden design event in southern Italy.


  • How does the idea of the Festival come up?
    Sicily is a garden, the natural location where a garden festival should be set. In the past, there was a great garden culture and, indeed, we have extraordinary historical beauties. Today, these values ​​have been lost. That is where the idea of a garden festival comes up since landscape and nature  deserve to be told in all their majestic aspects.


  • What is the mission of the Radicepura Garden Festival?
    Paramount for us all is to increase the interest in the Mediterranean landscaping through the focus of the geographical centrality of Sicily. As our land is in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, landscaping deserves the same place of honor as well.
    In northern Europe, landscape culture is deeply widespread. So, our mission is to bring this theme to the center to start a new phase of this new awareness.


  • What are your goals?
    Well, I have many, many goals to achieve: to promote green culture, to spread the art of landscaping, to grow the sense of respect and protection for nature and, in general, for the places we live. We are firmly convinced that these values ​​can be an important development tool for the territory. Our efforts go toward this direction and we believe that the Mediterranean areas will take benefit from that. We aim at taking care of green spaces and their maintenance, we long to build an environmental education and good sensitivity to nature: these issues are a matter of concern to all the countries in the area.

  • What are the excitement of the British Garden Festival? What’s new?
    In the past, Sicily was a cultural landmark of the Mediterranean, at the time of Federico II and many other famous sovereigns who have come to our land. Lately, however, the navel of culture has moved up to the North: for this reason it is time to emulate the initiative of our neighbours and inspire the famous English Garden Show such as the Chelsea Flower Show where you can find a strong commitment to the plant sector and in nature in general. France is also a virtuous example to look at: the Chaumont sur Loire is a great six-months event, just like the Radicepura Garden Festival, and counts over 30 years of green culture. Our goal, thus,  is to become one of the good examples for the Mediterranean countries.


  • What is the Mediterranean Essence?
    Mediterranean Essence is a desire to live deeply, to stay outdoors. Because Sicily boasts an enviable climate that allows us, for ten months a year, to spend a lot of time outside home: this highlights the importance of outdoor elements and the surrounding environment. So, starting from our own garden, from public spaces or parks, you can breathe the scents and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. Mediterranean Essence is the constant desire to live in close contact and in harmony with nature.


Thanks Mario! We hope this is the first edition of a long tradition of Radicepura Garden Festival!
And what about the gardens? Come see them in person! The park is open every day from 10am. Art, design and many activities await you!


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