DROP – Special Edition, shower of stars!

3 August 2017

Let’s make a wish and let’s get the magic started!

You are all invited to a special evening at Radicepura Garden Festival!

On August 10, DROP returns with a brand new edition to gaze at the stars together during the shooting stars night.


The tools provided by ST Microelectonics, a Catania company, and the support of Professor G. Marino, head of Astrophils Group of Catania, you will be allowed to look at the sky with beautiful telescopes.

Cocktails, good music with Dj Totò ChiavettaDj Ottavia Zingali and a sky full of stars will make your night unforgettable!

Whether you are romantic, sensitive, nostalgic or dreamy, this midsummer night is one of the most awaited of the year to tell the stars our desires.
Everybody has seen a shooting star at least once in life, but everytime it happens we feel excited as if we had never seen one before. That’s the strength of nature: its ability to amaze greatly with its beauty.

From Mount Etna to the starry sky, nature has always fascinated people: has been praised by writers, artists, poets but, true beauty is visible only to those who look at it with genuine heart and pure soul.

This is a night out of the ordinary, full of myths and legends, traditions and rituals.

In Greece, for instance, we find one of the most famous stories about this night: the protagonist of the legend is Fetonte, Apollo’s son, who, in order to prove that he was worthy of his father’s legacy, begged him to let him drive his chariot and raise the sun.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as they were supposed to, so once he came to the top of the sky, lost control of the chariot and burnt a slice of heaven, thus creating the Milky Way Galaxy. Huge fire balls fell on earth out of heaven, only Zeus managed to limit the damage but, the young man died. For this reason, every year, the Pleiades sisters weep upon Fetonte’s death and their tears draw bright drops throughout the celestial vault.

In China, however, the meteor shower had a negative political value: it’s a forerunner of sieges, wars and government crises.

In India, meteors in long-haired feminine shapes mark their passage for many miles, like demons.
A popular belief of the Middle Ages tells that shooting stars were the souls of the dead and, for this reason, people used prayed together for them.

Finally, the most famous version in our culture, connects the night to the martyrdom of St. Lorenzo, who was burnt alive on a grating.

There are so many stories about this enchanting night where everyone goes back to his/her childhood for a while.

Dreaming is a rule here!

So don’t miss the opportunity surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the Radicepura horticultural park.
We are waiting for you on August 10th: DROP – Special Edition is coming.


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