Radicepura Garden Festival, music and nature

1 September 2017

There is a secret that we would like to reveal.
It seems that Radicepura Garden Festival is fascinated by music and does nothing to hide it! Just click on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social pages to see what our summer looked like and the events we promoted inside the park.

DROP, the Radicepura Garden Festival’s happyhour, has certainly been the most attractive one during this sultry summer. It’s unlikely, indeed, to say no to a drink with friends, surrounded by beautiful artworks and the compelling rhythm of the most popular Sicilian DJs! Given the extraordinary success of those weekly appointments, we are going to double them on 3rd and 10th September: same place, same time.

There is a close link between nature, music and humans, indeed, although we live in a frantic, overwhelming everyday life, we always feel the need to escape from a plastic reality to find shelter in the greenery, far from everything.

In Native American tradition, the shaman used some melodies to cure many diseases. Similar music uses are found in the ancient cultures of South America, China, India and even Europe. Today, also conventional medicine recognizes the positive effects of music in the treatment of anxiety, hypertension and many other pathologies.

The research has made a lot of progress in this field, starting from a community called Damanhur where the best way to spend time is to listen to music from plants. Both forests and flowers are living beings that have a harmony. Speaking of the same language that uses nature means to understand how alive plants are how much they may give us.

To enjoy the music from a plant, just use a two-sensors device that is applied to the leaves and roots. Here is a link between the machine and the plant which is capable of reproducing musical notes by its lymphatic cells. The process is comparable to an electrocardiogram: this is how natural music is born!

We will never cease to dream and wonder thanks to the miracle of nature, its secrets and all the beauties it hides and which can be discovered if only we leave opened the door of our heart.

Make yourself a gift: take care of yourself, come and regenerate at the Radicepura Garden Festival.
We wait for you every day from 10am to 7pm (last entry at 6pm).


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