Herbarium – When art buds at Radicepura Garden Festival

15 September 2017

The Radicepura Garden Festival is in constant transformation: new ideas, innovation and surprises are always around the corner. The latest we are proud to announce is “Herbarium”, a project by Federico Baronello, which was opened in September 10th, delivers the park another important piece for the Festival’s growth.

The artistic residences, supported by the Radicepura Foundation, come from an idea of Gianluca Collica, in collaboration with curator Frida Carazzato, who has been curated  Museion, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bolzano, since 2009.

Federico Baronello is a documentary artist and photographer, whose research focuses on the effects of globalization in the Mediterranean area. “Herbarium” will include, among others, Fernand Braudel’s works inspired to the Mediterranean and the social tradition of photography of the 20th century.

The exhibition, emblematically named ‘The plural always exceeds the singular’ will be opened between October and November.

We really expect it to be  a true blossoming avant-garde art within the Radicepura Park.

Once again, we are offering you a good reason to spend a day at the Radicepura Garden Festival, a stimulating way to play an active role in the international event dedicated to landscaping in the heart of Sicily.


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