From the beginning to the end – Thanks to Radicepura Garden Festival

20 October 2017

The countdown has started! It’s time to Final Event and Final Party, the day-long event that will grab your heart!

Let’s look back in time: how many adventures, how much fun we had in the last six months.

It seems that time has stopped on April 21, when the Radicepura Garden Festival opened its gates. A lot of people have come to enjoy  the ribbon cut ceremony with the Faros and words just can’t tell how exciting this experience has been!


It is from the strength of this family’s common view that Radicepura turned from mere idea into a real place.

There have been plenty of room for activities, labs and opportunities to learn from Nature  and internationally renowned experts and artists, who have been with us for all this time, animated the park with meetings, guided tours, workshops and exhibitions.

Speaking about art: how to forget the exhibition of Alfio Bonanno entitled “Un uomo d’alto fusto, arte/natura, autoritratti, Sicilia 2017” which, from May 22  to mid-August, carried us to a dreamy dimension close to the artist’s inner feelings and experiences within the Sicilian landscape, a space of memory and meditation.



Travels, meetings and networking were the main focuses of our journey made of commitment, dedication and hard work. The paramount contribution, though, has been given by the insightful intuitions of Mario Faro, founder and CEO of Radicepura, who believed in and pursued his idea of ​​art and culture of green in the Mediterranean.

With summer approaching, the Festival became even more lively and festive thanks to #DROP, the format that brought in the park thousands of people! It was the weekly event that engrossed us in djset, mixology and wine tasting in such a suggestive setting. We shared the best Sicilian sunsets and the meteor shower and we will not forget it easily.



The Gardenia Award, The Domenica in Giardino, guests, fashion and design events are other examples of adventures we lived at the Radicepura Garden Festival.



And it is with a bit of nostalgia that we want to thank you once again. Because it is because of your support, to the sponsors’ and to the staff’s help that the Radicepura Garden Festival grew magnificently.

So, we are waiting for you tomorrow to share this last, great party with art, music and magic!


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