Landscape designer: the master of landscape.

23 February 2017

The term landscape may evoke many different feelings and evocative images leading the beholder or a dimension that doesn’t seem real. Yet the landscape is all but a feeling: it’s the sum of years of studies, projects and experiments. It’s a reality that keeps changing, thus, professional figures are necessary to make as effective as possible the connection between all the disciplines that are involved in the Garden Design subject matter. These professional figures are the Landscape Designers.

The Landscape designer is neither a gardener, nor an artist. He isn’t a botanist, and he is neither a planner, nor a poet, nonetheless he has to be the sum of all these professional figures to prove his genius. A kind of visionary director who is expert in seeing everything from a distance.
The gardens are the most direct means a man owns to keep the relationship with nature. A relationship which is threatened more and more with the passing of time and industrialization.

The work of the landscape designers, indeed, seems a mission in that it requires huge passion and devotion; designing a place where wellness is the main focus, needs skills, sensitivity, technique and creativity at the same time. Especially whether the goal is to turn what is conceptual art into reality.

The landscape designer must also know about the world of plants, beautiful and complex as it is, for it represents the quintessence of the garden itself.

What better location than Radicepura, then, to summon all the  international landscape designers in one single place which the heart of the Mediterranean for the first time?

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